LED Floodlight 30W Rechargeable

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LED Floodlights have replaced the old, energy-draining metal halide and low pressure sodium floodlights.  LED floodlights not only save tonnes of energy (and hence money), but they also last much longer than their outdated competitors.

30W Rechargeable LED Floodlight


No UV or IR radiation

High-brightness SMD LED

High energy efficiency, Low power consumption

Long Life-span, low temperature rising

120 Beaming Angle


Applicable for:


Office meeting room



Shopping mall and show windows

Park shop


Parking lots

Please Note:

All the LED products should not be immersed in water for long time

Make sure the products away form the children

Please DON’T install in flammable, explosive or corrosive circumstance.

If you found the glass cracks have appeared or broken, please change in time.

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