LED Metal Halide Retrofit 100W

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Why upgrade to our LED Lighting kits? (for Why LED, see below)

Lower Maintenance 

Our 100W and 120W lights have a lifespan 5 times longer than the general metal halide 400W currently used.

Less maintenance visits.

Brightness Equivalent to 400W metal halide.

Using less energy, providing the same service.

Save Costs

You are guaranteed to save at least 75% per month.

Saving is even more when eskom increases their tariffs, or if usage is increased to over 12 hours per day.

Your payback period is about 2 and a half years, or less, when Eskom increases their prices.

Highest Lumens Per Watt

Generally, people erroneously compare LED pricing based on wattage.  This is a very unwise thing to do.  You will often find that our lights are even brighter than others with a higher wattage.  The fact that we always strive to give you the highest lumens per watt often results in us providing you with the lowest price per lumen as well.  However, this is not always easy to achieve because the quality of a light bulb is not only determined by the light output (lumens), but on various other factors such as housing, driver and other materials.

This kit has Philips 3030 LEDs which is one of the best, if not the best, compared to any of its competitors.


The kit includes Meanwell drivers which are the world's best drivers, as well as Philips LEDs - also one of the best in the world.

Our products promise excellent quality, that is why these kits carry a 5 Year Warranty!

We help you install

An electrician is sent to your site by our company for fitment and maintenance (at a reasonable extra fare - depending on the specifications of the order). You may also opt for installation by your own electrician.

Includes Sunon cooling fan

The Sunon cooling fan provides effective functionality to ensure the light's temperature is controlled, resulting in longer lifespan of the LED.

Why LED?

Saves You Money - LED lighting can save you in excess of 90% on your lighting bill

Very long lifespan - LED's and their drivers can last for many years.  For example, the above LED downlight has a 40000 hour lifespan - at an average use of 4 hours per day, this downlight can last you up to 27 years.

Various light colours - they are available in warm white (3000K), pure white (6000K) and natural white (4500K) unlike some other technologies

Higher Lumen Output - they are sometimes brighter (depending on wattage, LED brand, LED grade and LED driver)

LED's generally operate at lower temperatures compared to other types of lighting

Ideal to use with batteries and solar panels due to their low current draw

No hazardous substances - Unlike fluorescent lighting or CFL's (compact fluorescent lights), they do not contain any mercury or lead

Not susceptible to breakage - even if they fall, the light source or LED does not easily break.  Dropping an incandescent bulb will almost definitely cause it to stop working.


Parking lot lights (Light poles)

Shoebox lights

Street lights


Wall Pack lights

High Bays

Canopy lights for filling stations

Item Code MHR100W 5000K
Input voltage AC100-277V
Wattage 100W
Light Colour Pure White (5000K)
Average LED Lifetime 50 000 Hours
Luminous Flux (Lm) 10500Lm
Beam angle 90°
Operating Temperature 5000K
Power Factor >0.95
 LED Quantity 49 x LEDs
Type Philips 3030 LED 
Dimensions (L x W x H) mm 125 x 175 x 55 (Light Fitting)
    70 x 200 x 40 (Driver)

Other Names and Keywords

Garage Lights

Canopy Lights

LED Canopy Lights

Garage Retrofits

Petrol station light

Garage light

Metal Halide Replacements

Metal Halide Retrofits

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