About Us

We are wholesalers of LED lighting and electrical products in South Africa and are sole distributors of Limelight LED Lights.  We stock the following items:
LED Downlights:
    12V LED Downlights,
    220V LED Downlights,
LED Floodlights:
    12V LED Floodlights,
    220V LED Floodlights,
    12V Rechargeable LED Floodlights,
LED Floodlight Stands,
LED Filling Station or Garage Lights (metal halide replacements),
LED Tubes,
LED High Bay lights,
LED Corn Lights,
Electrical accessories including base changers (adaptors), downlight fittings, power supplies or drivers, motion sensors 12V or 220V, LED Dimmers,
LED Bulbs,
LED Candle Lights,
LED G4 and LED G9 bi-pin starlights,
LED Strips,
LED Street Lights,
Electrical items including wall plugs and switches,
Panel Lights,
LED Work lights, Van lights or Bakkie lights,


We have undertaken years of research to ensure that we are providing the best quality products with great prices

Our Guarantee

Our swap-out guarantee (up to 4 years) on LED products is the longest in the country which means that we will provide you with a free replacement should the item be defective


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